When only a portion of a property has sustained water damage, fire damage, or structural damage, selective demolition can be used to restore the affected area while limiting disruption to the rest of the building. Selective demolition may be used in combination with emergency stabilization and containment to ensure the integrity of the structure and to prevent damage to other areas of the property.

Why Say “Yes!” to Selective Demolition?

If damages and disaster debris affect only part of your property, commercial selective demolition is a cost-effective way to restore the building without closing your entire business. Removing and rebuilding an isolated area has several benefits over fixing the entire property. A speedy, focused reconstruction with a lower claims cost makes selective demolition contracting an excellent option for partially damaged properties.

Repair the Affected Area Faster

Restoring part of your business takes less time than leveling and rebuilding the whole property. During selective demolition, our professional crew will create a plan that concentrates on replacing charred, saturated or broken building materials and belongings. Our crew will then make careful distinctions between what they should demolish and keep for greater time and cost-efficiency. The crew will also separate reusable materials from those damaged beyond saving, reducing wasted resources.

Limit Disruption to Your Building

Selective demolition with an experienced recovery team like URI lets you continue business operations in unaffected areas of your building. That salvaged revenue is especially important in the wake of a disaster. Demolishing isolated areas of damage is a delicate process that ensures the rebuilding has little impact on the rest of your property. If another business is in the same building or plaza, they can keep operating as long as the structure is unharmed.

Stripping away valuable furniture or noteworthy designs can diminish your business’s presence. For historic buildings and notable architecture, selective interior demolition allows contractors to save as much of the original building as they deem safe. Doing so preserves irreplaceable pieces of history and interesting details of your business.

Lower the Claims Cost

Sectioning the damaged parts of your property away from the untouched areas helps you isolate what you should file your insurance claim for. Making large and frequent claims with your insurance company can lead to increased rates and even cancellation of your policy. In many cases, an insurance provider will only pay for part of the reconstruction. Selective demolition contractors such as Unlimited Restoration keep costs down and communicate with your insurance provider to get you the most value out of your policy.

Our Commercial Selective Demolition Process

When you contact Unlimited Restoration for selective demolition services, our professionals develop an efficient plan to restore your property as soon as possible. Our turnkey solutions are fit for any business that sustains damage during a disaster. We handle every part of the process, from planning and demolition to cleanup and restoration. The first three steps of our commercial selective demolition process are:

1. Planning

Selective demolition requires accuracy and attention to detail. Our team will survey the damage, taking special account of concerns such as compromised structural materials and interference with utility lines. From there, we decide on the best professionals to tackle the demolition and reconstruction. URI has the expertise and equipment available to create a comprehensive plan for rebuilding your business after a disaster.

2. Demolition

Once we begin demolition, our team uses an efficient method to remove damaged materials. Sustainability matters, which is why we separate salvageable materials from those that are too damaged for other projects. We’ll reuse the materials you want to see incorporated into the reconstructed part of your business and recycle the rest. Our team will strip the damaged areas of your business down to its structural elements and replace any compromised supports.

3. Cleanup

Before we rebuild your business, we do a thorough cleanup to ensure we’re starting from a clean, sound foundation. We’ll take care of recycling any reusable materials and dispose of anything that cannot be saved. Performing selective demolition and hauling lets us reconstruct your business to complement the existing structure. Leaving parts of your business intact also reduces the amount of cleanup necessary before we begin the reconstruction process.

Rebuilding and Restoring Your Building

Selective demolition is an effective tool that promotes business continuity while necessary repairs are made to the affected area. When demolition is necessary, URI will conduct all planning, demolition, and cleanup. Once demolition is complete, we will rebuild and fully restore the area. We are experienced demolition experts, and can provide demolition services for properties of all sizes.

URI has several resources at our disposal to restore your business as fast as possible. From providing temporary HVAC equipment to containing sensitive materials such as lead and asbestos, URI understands that your project has its own needs. We’ll strive to satisfy you every time.

URI Returns Your Building to Its Pre-Loss Condition

Your business is important to you. Returning it to its original condition is crucial to restoring normalcy after a disaster. There are many benefits to selective demolition, including lower claims costs and faster repairs. Our experienced restoration team will plan and coordinate the most effective and efficient path to returning your property to its pre-loss condition.

Contact us today to learn more about our demolition and restoration services. Fill out our online contact form for more information on selective demolition costs or call Unlimited Restoration’s emergency response hotline at 888-327-9664.

“Our business interruption was kept to a minimum, which we really appreciate. In the years that I have done business with your company, I have had nothing but great results.”

Stan PawloskiGeneral Manager, CSK Management, Inc.

“Your response time was excellent and the way you worked with our team can be described as second to none. A fire is a traumatic experience to anyone and to have your company as a support in helping us recover was very comforting and helpful.”

Duane BergeyVice President – Tire Operations, Bergey, Inc.

“From first contact until completion of the work, I was impressed with professionalism and experience. I will definitely use them again when I have further need of restoration services.”

Penny M. MinichGeneral Manager, Baypoint Commerce Center