12 Days of Restoration

To kick-off the month of December, Unlimited Restoration, Inc. is celebrating the 12 Days of Restoration! Each day, we will highlight a tool, piece of equipment, or procedure used in our industry-leading commercial and industrial property restoration processes. Follow along to learn more!

On the First Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 1 We’re On It Profile.

The We’re On It Profile is a pre-loss planning document developed with an expert from URI that can aid in business continuity planning and minimize business interruption following a property loss. It is a critical piece to Unlimited Restoration’s We’re On It Preferred Partnership Program which was designed to provide key strategic partners the coverage they require. To learn more, visit urinow.com.

On the Second Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 2 Moisture Meters. 

Moisture meters allow our IICRC-trained mitigation technicians to locate and measure moisture damage and map out the drying strategy for property damage caused by a water loss. They are also used to ensure drying is fully complete before any placed equipment is removed.

On the Third Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 3 Low-Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are a critical piece of equipment for structural drying projects. Low-Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers are one version where air enters the appliance, the double-cooling system lowers its temperature and condensation forms on the device’s coils, separating the moisture from the air. The air is then released back into the room with the humidity “removed”!

On the Fourth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 4 Desiccant Dehumidifiers. 

Unlike the LGR Dehumidifiers from yesterday, Desiccant Dehumidifiers use chemical attraction instead of condensation to remove moisture from the air. The most important piece of machinery in one of these units is the “desiccant wheel” – a network of small airways lined with silica gel. 

The large Desiccantunits used by URI for commercial and industrial property losses are some of the most recognizable pieces of equipment used by our team. Who could miss those yellow hoses?!

On the Fifth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 5 CAT Recovery Response Trailers.

Did you know that URI has a fleet of Catastrophe (CAT) Recovery Response Trailers? These specially equipped tractor trailers enable URI to scale up resources and personnel quickly to provide rapid emergency response for both small and large-scale disasters.

On the Sixth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 6 Axial Air Movers.

Air movers are must-have equipment for water mitigation and restoration. Today, we’ll introduce the Axial Air Mover, which moves air horizontally, producing high airflow and ensuring the drying process is completed fast. These are an excellent tool for drying large, wide surfaces.

On the Seventh Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 7 Centrifugal Air Movers.

Unlike the Axial Air Mover covered yesterday, Centrifugal Air Movers can be adjusted to send air in a few different directions rather than just horizontally. This makes Centrifugal Air Movers a great option for drying smaller areas and tight spaces.

On the Eighth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 8 Foggers.

Foggers, or fogging equipment, have the ability to turn a chemical into fog that can be sprayed in a space to eliminate odors and kill bacteria. Foggers are used in many property restoration projects, but maybe most notably have been used recently to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by aiding in the application of disinfectants in commercial and industrial properties by the URI Team.

On the Ninth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 9 Generators.

Both catastrophic and more mundane property losses can result in a loss of power in a commercial or industrial building. Generators are crucial to providing a power supply for mitigation equipment so that the URI team can minimize business disruption for your property and not have a minute wasted in providing fast and reliable emergency response!

On the Tenth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 10 Soda Blasters.

When a commercial or industrial property is damaged by a fire, Soda Blasters are often used during the restoration process. Soda Blasters use sodium bicarbonate, yep! the same compound in baking soda, and pressure to remove dirt, soot, and debris.

On the Eleventh Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 11 Air Scrubbers.

Air scrubbers are a multi-purpose tool that can address an already existing issue, while also preventing bigger problems from occurring! Air scrubbers remove odors, particles, and pollution from the air and ensure that no mold appears after water damage has occurred.

On the Twelfth Day of December, Unlimited Restoration gave to me: 12 Injectidry Wall and Floor Mats.

To close out the 12 Days of Restoration posts, let’s see if this equipment looks familiar? Almost a mini-version of the Desiccant Dehumidifier from Day 4, with its similar yellow hoses! The Injectidry Wall and Floor Mats are specialty drying equipment that’s powerful enough to push air through either walls or flooring deemed salvageable, reducing claims by preserving viable materials. Check them out salvaging a high school basketball court’s flooring from a water loss in the photo below!

We hope you enjoyed Unlimited Restoration’s 12 Days of Restoration. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!



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