Industrial Property Owners

Industrial Organizations have very unique needs when it comes to responding to and recovering from a disaster. In addition to buildings and facilities, manufacturing equipment, electronics, raw materials and finished goods inventory require specialized expertise to mitigate loss, minimize business interruption and get back in business quickly. Custom manufacturing equipment may take months to procure, which along with damaged inventory, could result in lost business, lost customers and ultimate business failure.

Unlimited Restoration has extensive experience helping industrial and technology companies with disaster repair and restoring equipment and inventory that could easily be considered a total loss. Specialized machinery and electronics decontamination techniques such as ultrasonic cleaning can have dramatic results. In addition, URI disaster restoration experts frequently develop restoration processes specific to the individual loss. The benefit is a return to normal operation much faster than otherwise possible.

In addition, URI offers a preemptive PREP emergency response program to assist industrial business owners and managers prepare and plan for the unexpected. This program provides a review of the equipment and processes in place as well as inventories managed to aid in planning for response and recovery should a catastrophic event occur.

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