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When disaster strikes and your property is left without power or other utilities, your HVAC systems are also impacted. This can result in large temperature swings inside your buildings, putting your property at risk for additional losses and limiting your ability to continue operations until services can be restored.

At URI, we specialize in restoring commercial properties, and are fully equipped to provide temporary climate control for your property, large or small. When your property has sustained water or fire damage or been affected by some other disaster, our temporary climate control services can enable you to resume operations with limited interruption while your property is being restored.

Maintaining a reasonable temperature inside your property is essential for preventing further losses. Extreme temperatures can damage inventory, cause pipes to freeze, and create a hazardous environment for employees or workers that can result in greater revenue losses.


Portable Climate Control Is Vital for Restoring Your Building

Portable HVAC systems are crucial for maintaining a building under restoration. While a professional restoration team from URI inspects your HVAC system after a fire or other disaster, you can use temporary equipment to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. Portable heating and air conditioning let you restore your building to a reasonable temperature until your property’s regular functions resume.

Prevent Further Property Losses

Temporary heat solutions can prevent low temperatures from damaging your property. After initial damage, freezing temperatures can lead to burst pipes and cyclic freezing. When water freezes, its molecules expand and the pressure in your pipes grows. Once the pressure becomes too much for your pipes, it causes them to burst. Cyclic freezing is when water seeps into materials such as concrete and brick. As the water freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts, which causes cracks and other damage.

Continue Business Operations

Climate control helps your business resume normal operations, but restoring HVAC systems after a flood or fire can take more time than you expect. Some businesses rely on technology sensitive to extreme temperatures. Temporary air conditioning solutions can keep computer data centers and other business tools safe.

Speed Up Building Restoration

Temporary climate control makes restoring your building safer and more comfortable for the team taking care of any damage. Portable air conditioners take in moist air and release cool, dry air into your building. Additional units for dehumidification and drying help remove moisture from your business as fast as possible. When you have access to rental units while clearing your HVAC system after a fire or flood, restoration can continue without pause.

Protect Valuables and Inventory

Technology is just one of the many assets that emergency HVAC units can protect. Food products, paper and even live animals are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Some of these losses may seem small, but damaged HVAC equipment stops regulating every aspect of your business. Losing inventory and other materials can be expensive, especially when you’re already managing the aftermath of a disaster.

Promote a Safe Environment

If you own a business, you know the importance of workplace safety, especially when more hazards may be present than usual. Portable HVAC units quell some of those risks, such as frostbite, heatstroke, mold and mildew. An HVAC system can help you promote a safe environment in several ways, including drying out a furnace after a fire. Renting HVAC units with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters has extra benefits. Keep yourself and your employees safe by restoring your business properly with temporary heat and air conditioning units from URI.

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Whether you are in need of temporary heat or temporary air conditioning, we are fully equipped and able to provide complete climate control services. Our self-contained heating and cooling units will be properly sized for your property to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We can also provide temporary power and distribution to power your building and equipment. In addition to our temporary HVAC rentals, URI also provides services for cleaning HVAC units after a fire and restarting your furnace after a flood.

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At URI, we complete our restoration projects fast to prevent any further damage. Our detail-oriented crews know how to inspect your HVAC system after a fire or flood and are always ready to provide exceptional service and help with every stage of the restoration.

Contact URI today to learn more about our temporary climate control and emergency power solutions for your commercial property.

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