Debris Removal

Emergency Debris Removal

Nature can wreak havoc on your property and then leave you to clean up the mess. When hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, storms and other natural disasters unleash their destructive power, the results can be devastating. Once the weather subsides, you could be facing significant site cleanup to remove large, heavy and hazardous items.

When disaster strikes, you need an emergency debris removal provider you can depend on to secure your site and initiate rapid removal and restoration so you can get back to business. At URI, we offer professional and dependable emergency debris removal. Our professional disaster debris removal team will deploy anywhere you need to expedite a safe, controlled and thorough cleanup process.

When to Bring in a Debris Removal Team

Bring a debris removal team onsite as soon as possible to mitigate any safety risks, contain environmental hazards and prevent the spread of damage. Response within the first 48 hours is critical to provide maximum control and containment over the area. With a rapid start on emergency debris removal, you can expedite restoration and get back open for business.

Hazardous Debris Removal

Many buildings contain lead, mold, asbestos and other unsafe substances that can cause adverse health effects and damage the environment. In other cases, stored chemicals, waste products and other dangerous materials pose risks. We provide complete industrial and commercial debris removal services, including hazardous debris removal. Our team has the training, skills and equipment to perform fast, safe and complete cleanup of any dangerous substances.

At URI, we are the trusted commercial debris removal and demolition contractors for businesses across multiple industries. We have the resources and capability to respond after the largest natural disasters, including earthquake response and recovery and earthquake restoration. Our experts work fast to contain, remove and dispose of all non-hazardous and hazardous materials. We also provide cleaning and sterilization of any items we can salvage to limit your losses and reduce your claim.

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Our Emergency Debris Removal Process

When you call URI for emergency debris removal, we dispatch a team of experts equipped for the job to your location. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we have a tested process for rapid site cleanup and urgent invoicing so you can settle with your insurance provider. Our process includes:

  • Assessments: We use a trained eye to determine the most efficient strategy for commercial debris removal.
  • Containment: At URI, we specialize in hazardous debris removal and use effective containment measures.
  • Cleanup: Our teams provide comprehensive site cleanup, sterilization and complete emergency debris removal.
  • Disposal: We exercise every safety precaution and adhere to all regulatory standards when disposing of debris.
  • Restoration: URI demolition contractors and construction experts have what it takes to restore your structure.

Your Hazardous Demolition and Debris Removal Solution

With URI, you can rest assured your property will be safe and clear of debris as soon as possible. We believe in preparation and offer comprehensive emergency planning at no cost so that you have a number to call and a strategy to follow in the event you need them. To request emergency debris removal or to speak to a preparation expert about developing your plan, please call our response hotline at 888.327.9664 or contact us today.

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