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Disaster Restoration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emergencies come in many forms, and each can expose your property to further damage, spread hazardous materials and cause health risks for people in the surrounding area. In most cases, you have a maximum of 48 hours after an accidental or natural disaster strikes to respond before the problem gets worse and causes additional property losses.

Whether you have an emergency on your hands or want to start planning before something happens, Unlimited Restoration is your solution for disaster restoration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have over 20 years of experience in the business, serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with expert recovery and restoration services, including 24/7 disaster response and planning services.


Our Philadelphia Disaster Restoration Services

At URI, we can dispatch teams anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area, whether you have a disaster plan in place or are improvising. Our specialists have the training, equipment and expertise to deploy immediate and effective measures. We move fast to stop the spread of damage, preserve any salvageable items and reduce the complexity of your insurance claim.

Water Damage Restoration

Philadelphia is a wet city all year. As one of the oldest cities in the country, it has an aging plumbing system that predates many of the commercial structures in use today. Severe weather, overflowing drains, busted pipes and more are usual occurrences, and when they happen, they will damage your property and contents. We provide complete water damage repair and restoration in Philadelphia to help you recover fast.

Mold Remediation and Removal Services

With Philadelphia’s wet climate, mold remediation is a constant concern. Mold spores spread fast, and outbreaks often happen along with water damage, water leaks and excessive humidity levels. When mold and other fungal spores take hold, they spread fast, creating health risks, causing damage, producing odors and more. Our Philadelphia mold remediation services remove all traces of mold from your property and HVAC system.

Fire Restoration

Fires produce flames, soot and smoke — all of which can destroy your property. If you have a fire of any size, you need a professional team trained to minimize the impact on your assets and help you reopen your doors fast. When you need fire restoration in Philadelphia, you can count on URI to help mitigate your losses and provide urgent care. URI’s Philadelphia fire damage experts know exactly how to respond to damage caused by all types of fires.

We Come to You

The best way to get ahead of an emergency is to create an emergency response plan. Our team travels to your location and completes a walkthrough of your property to identify access points, hazardous materials and other key features. We work with you to create a plan you can put into action — should you ever need it — and we’ll rapidly respond to your Philadelphia disaster restoration needs.

Get Emergency Restoration Today

If you need immediate disaster restoration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, please call 888.327.9664. To learn more about our services or create your free disaster plan, contact URI today.

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