Machinery & Electronics Cleaning

Machinery & Electronics Cleaning

A catastrophic event like a flood or fire can damage an entire commercial facility, including the machinery and electronic equipment that keep it running. Exposure to heat, smoke or water can impact performance and shorten equipment’s life span.

Unlimited Restoration, Inc. can implement an effective machinery and equipment restoration process to recover your valuable assets. We can remove the harmful effects of the event and improve the likelihood of a full recovery.


Prevent Total Machinery Loss

Our equipment and machine tool restoration process is the product of a carefully developed protocol we can tailor to your unique environment. We remove the harmful effects of the disaster and maintain the operational integrity of your sensitive devices. Our goal is to minimize interruptions by getting you back in business as quickly as possible after a catastrophic event. You’ll also avoid the often prohibitive cost of purchasing brand-new equipment.

Save Time and Money With URI

URI can minimize the damage by responding quickly after a disaster and implementing our stabilization techniques immediately. You’ll have more time to assess your options and make an informed business decision. We’ll always keep the big picture in mind when helping you determine the most appropriate recovery solutions for your company.

In most cases, we can repair and restore your machinery faster than the manufacturer. By doing so, we can help you save thousands of dollars per week in lost business.

How We Repair and Refurbish Machine Tools

URI has specialized expertise in disaster restoration equipment repairs. We implement advanced technologies when working with various machine tools. Our processes consist of gluing, electroplating, welding, cutting techniques such as grinding, milling and turning, coating and many others. Our capabilities also include spare parts production if we’re unable to procure them elsewhere.

We can also refurbish damaged machine tools if necessary. We can overhaul equipment by replacing worn or broken parts to restore it to peak operating condition. If you have an older machine, we can modify its existing structure to make it faster, smoother and more efficient. These retrofits can make it easier to find high-quality spare parts in the future, bring them up to modern safety standards and enhance their functionality and longevity.

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Why Choose URI for Machine Tool Restoration?

URI has been helping businesses like yours recover from disasters for more than 25 years. With convenient locations throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeast U.S., you can get help quickly during an emergency, allowing you to get back to business with minimal delays while providing you the attentive, localized service you deserve. We can even help with planning to prepare you when disaster strikes.

Learn More About Machine Restoration Near You

Contact our recovery specialists for more information about our machinery and electronics restoration services by filling out and submitting our online contact form today. You can also call our emergency response hotline at 888.327.9664 if you need immediate assistance.

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