Water Damage

Whether from a flood, storm or other disaster, water damage represents one of the top liabilities for business owners and property managers. Leaks, standing water, flooding and more cause damage that spreads fast, destroying property and creating a haven for mold. URI provides the solution with comprehensive water damage restoration services, including emergency planning and response.

When disaster strikes, we’ll kick into gear, deploying a team of experts to your location along with Certified Industrial Hygienists to ensure safety and compliance. From professional water removal to the elimination of microbial threats, we’ll provide a fast, complete and total response so that you can handle any insurance claims and get your business back up and running.


Our Water Restoration Process

URI is your first-responder in the event of a water emergency. Call 24/7 emergency flood service for containment and restoration anywhere you need it from a local provider near you. For anything from a broken pipe to a natural disaster, our teams employ an effective plan of action for mitigation and restoration projects of any size and scope.

1. Immediate Extraction of Water and Stabilization of the Site

Removing standing water stops the spread of damage and speeds the drying process. Our teams will work to preserve your property and remove materials damaged by water, flooding or mold. Depending on the water’s volume, our technicians may use industrial wet/dry vacs or submersible pumps for deepwater emergency services and restoration. If your water damage threatens the integrity of your ceiling, walls or the entire building, we’ll stabilize the area, reducing your risk and liability.

2. Delivery and Placement of Structural Drying Equipment

Moisture removal prevents the spread of mold and mildew, sparing additional damage to your facility and keeping employees safe from health hazards. Following commercial water mitigation, our technicians will haul in structural drying equipment with enough power to remove any trace of moisture from your facility. We have this process down to a science — we know exactly how to position drying equipment for optimal performance to remove all the excess moisture from inside a structure.

3. Selective Demolition and Debris Removal

URI first-responders have advanced training and equipment to save as much of your property as possible. For the rest, we’ll provide selective demolition services to clear damaged areas, using care to remove only what is necessary. We’ll remove any ruined or contaminated carpeting, drywall, furniture and other debris affected by water damage, leaving your space free from damaged materials.

4. Anti-Microbial Solutions to Inhibit Mold Growth

Mold is a living organism that thrives in humid environments. Following water damage and in areas with high humidity levels, mold can gain a foothold, spreading through airborne spores until it’s stopped with effective treatment. Depending on the extent of growth, anti-microbial solutions may include containment, cleaning and sanitizing, air filtration and more for full remediation.

5. Protection and Restoration of Involved Contents

Floods and water damage can be catastrophic, but they don’t always signal a total loss. Reduce the financial, operational and personal impacts of your flood with services by URI. Our teams will comb through the damage to uncover valuable merchandise, materials, equipment and other salvageable property. Each item will be cataloged, packed and removed for professional cleaning and sanitation offsite, then returned once the process is complete.

6. Moisture Level Monitoring in the Affected Area

Moisture levels are monitored throughout the response process to ensure that your levels drop within ideal parameters. Humidity control is essential in stopping mold growth and preventing future damage to your property. We’ll constantly check each affected area, adjusting drying equipment as needed for the quickest results.

Complete Reconstruction Services

Once the damage is cleared away and humidity levels return to normal, URI will help get your business online fast with expert reconstruction services. Our experienced crews will inspect, secure, appraise and rebuild the areas impacted by your emergency with:

  • Project management, inspections and appraisals
  • Emergency board-ups to increase site safety and security
  • Professional estimates for commercial reconstruction projects
  • General construction services, including drywall installation, carpentry and flooring

Water Damage Restoration Services

We provide 24/7 service for water damage emergencies. Whether your property is affected by a flood, storm, or a broken pipe, our team will be there fast and can handle any situation.

Create Your Water Restoration Plan With URI

While there’s no surefire way to prevent water damage, you can make sure you’re prepared to handle any scenario that may come up. URI specializes in creating custom emergency response plans to prepare both your team and ours for improved response for any emergency. With a plan in place, you’ll know just what to do, who to call and what to expect. We’ll operate with urgency, from dispatching a team to your location to sending your invoice soon after completion, helping you expedite insurance claims.

For more information about URI’s commercial and industrial services, or to speak with an expert about developing a custom plan for your business, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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