Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family Residential Property Owners

Multi-Family residential properties present a set of unique challenges to emergency response, restoration and recovery operations. In addition to responding to the overall facility issues, the personal livelihood of residents has been compromised due to an unforeseen disaster. Personal contents may have been damaged or destroyed and you need experienced help managing the recovery process while maintaining the security and safety of the facility and residents. Even relatively minor events such as a pipe burst can cause a major headache for the property owner or facility manager.

Unlimited Restoration has extensive experience providing multi-family/apartment restoration services to property owners. Our project managers understand the nuances associated with residents and their personal concerns. The goal is to create an environment where recovery operations proceed quickly and minimize disruption of the residents’ day to day activities.

URI also offers a preemptive PREP emergency response program to assist multi-family property owners and managers to prepare and plan for the unexpected. This program provides a review of facilities and disaster procedures in place to aid in the planning for response and recovery should a catastrophic event occur.

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