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24/7 Emergency Power & Distribution

When the power goes out, you can depend on URI for 24/7 emergency power and distribution services to get it back on. We provide complete disaster relief and response for the commercial sector, including on-demand emergency generator power, for as long as you need until grid power is restored. Whether you’ve lost electricity due to a natural disaster, an incident on the property or another cause, we have the resources and expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions fit for your application.

Emergency Power

With 24/7 emergency power and distribution from URI, you regain access to the electronics that keep your business in operation, including:

  • Lighting: Emergency power keeps the lights on for safety, added security and employee access.
  • Security: Keep your security systems in operation during a power outage with emergency services.
  • Refrigeration: If you have a perishable inventory, rapid generator delivery helps you keep it preserved.
  • Communication: Stay in contact with access to your phones, fax machines, data servers and the internet.
  • HVAC: HVAC systems are essential for comfort and health, as well as for keeping sensitive electronics from overheating.

Resume Business Operations Quickly

Power knocked out by a storm or by a natural disaster may take days to restore while responders contend with unsafe conditions and multiple incident sites. In that time, businesses are on their own to provide power or risk losing the capability to do business. What may be little more than an inconvenience for some can quickly develop into a major crisis for business owners as inventories inch closer to loss and business operations grind to a halt.

At URI, we are committed to helping you prevent that from ever happening. We have a large inventory of generators and equipment capable of powering large properties and multistory structures. We deliver more than enough power to keep all your essential equipment running and use generators powered by self-contained fuel systems that operate in all weather conditions.

Our Process

For any property, we follow a proven system for maximum efficiency of resources, including:

  • Strategizing: We have decades of experience and use them to plan the most effective solution.
  • Deployment: Our teams quickly arrive with heavy-duty generators and all the necessary equipment.
  • Monitoring: We keep your generators powered and maintained so you can focus on your business.
  • Deconstruction: When it is time to pack up, we provide rapid tear-down and haul our equipment away.

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URI’s Power Services Benefits

At URI, we provide full disaster restoration services. In addition to delivering 24-hour emergency electrical service, we will help you respond to everything a storm or disaster does to your property, including:

  • Containment
  • Debris removal
  • Weatherproofing
  • Complete restoration

If the power failure is due to something on your property, we can help. As your complete restoration company, we can dispatch a 24/7 emergency electrician to your location to get your system back up and running.

Contact URI Today

When you need 24/7 emergency power and distribution, call our hotline at 888.327.9664. If you have an existing disaster plan with URI, contact us when disaster strikes — we’ll take care of it from there. To create your free disaster plan so you know what to do when you have a property emergency, please send us a message today.

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