When flooding impacts your business, quick action is crucial to mitigate the damage. Unlimited Restoration, Inc. is available 24 hours a day to provide prompt, efficient disaster recovery services. Since 1996, we’ve helped schools, retail stores, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings and other commercial organizations get back to business after a catastrophic event. 

What to Do When Your Property Experiences Flood Damage

While any water damage can create issues for a business, floodwater can present additional challenges. Blackwater often contains contaminants that pose significant health hazards for building occupants. The most prudent course of action is ensuring everyone leaves the flooded area and moves to a safer place until help arrives. 

You should also contact a professional, experienced flood restoration company like URI immediately to handle the task. We’ll ensure your property is safe for your employees, customers and visitors. 

The URI Floodwater Cleanup Process

When you contact us for restoration for flooding, we’ll come to your site immediately and assess the damage. We’ll start by deploying pumps to extract the standing water. We’ll stabilize the area to maintain the structural integrity of walls and ceilings. Next, we’ll use high-powered drying equipment to remove any remaining moisture. We’ll also clear the damaged areas and remove ruined carpeting, drywall, furniture and other items. 

Due to the elevated level of floodwater contamination, we’ll apply an antimicrobial solution to sanitize the area and prevent mold growth. Our crews will also sift through the damage to find and extract any salvageable items. 

After completing the cleanup, we’ll focus on reconstructing the damaged areas. Our goal is to restore your property to its previous condition and allow you to resume your business operations as quickly as possible. 

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Why Choose URI for Flood Damage Recovery?

At URI, we recognize that a quick response is crucial when mitigating flood damage — every hour spent cleaning up the mess represents an hour of lost revenue for your business. With multiple locations throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeast U.S., we’re nearby and can be at your site promptly. When you call us, it’s like contacting 911 for your property. You’ll have the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that we’re on it and help is on the way. 

Our team has the necessary experience to manage all types of disaster recovery situations. We’ve responded to all kinds of catastrophic events over our 25 years in business. You can count on us to quickly determine and apply the best remediation solutions for your unique situation. Check out some of our past projects to see examples of our work and discover how we can help you get the results you expect. 

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For more information regarding our damage restoration services and how they can benefit your business after a disaster, fill out our online contact form today. If you need immediate assistance, call our emergency response hotline any time at 888.327.9664

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