Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control

Corrosion is an inevitable part of working with metal or electronic equipment and is a natural byproduct of floods and fires. Unlimited Restoration offers post-incident corrosion control services that can address current damage and help your business minimize future corrosion. Reach out to us as soon as possible after your property experiences a fire or flood to see the difference our services can make.

What Do Corrosion Control Services Include?

At URI, we focus on removing surface contamination and environmental conditions that potentially prolong corrosion. Our corrosion control specialists will come out to your property in the first few days after a fire or flood and perform an in-depth evaluation of the infrastructure.

Our corrosion testing services involve techniques such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic flux leakage and radiographic testing. After determining how to preserve your mechanical systems and electronics, we get to work on removing current surface contamination to prevent it from spreading. Before leaving, we address all potential future causes of corrosion to mitigate further damage and keep your systems running for years to come.

Do You Need Corrosion Removal?

Corrosion removal is essential to keeping your facility in good repair after a disaster. If your business has recently experienced a fire or flood, you should always contact a corrosion control expert to evaluate any potential damage to your assets. Your equipment may require corrosion removal if it shows the following signs:

  • White spots of oxidation on zinc coatings
  • Red rust stains on steel

Benefits of Corrosion Control Treatments

Corrosion control does more than protect your mechanical equipment and electronics – it creates a safer workplace that’s less likely to see downtime in the future. When you choose URI for corrosion control services, you’ll secure the following benefits for your operations and your facility:

  • Increase workplace safety: By preventing damage caused by rust, you prolong the life and improve the function of your equipment, electronic systems and pipes. Water corrosion removal lessens the chance of equipment malfunction over time.
  • Prevent the need for future repairs: When you remove corrosion from your equipment and prevent its reoccurrence, you slow deterioration and prevent the metal surface of your components from becoming exposed.
  • Prevent downtime: Poor equipment and facility upkeep and the subsequent need for repair and replacement is one of the greatest causes of downtime in the workplace. Keep your schedule running smoothly with preventive corrosion control.
  • Avoid legal liabilities: Poor equipment upkeep in the workplace can lead to numerous health and safety risks. Corrosion control services protect your business from legal liabilities by minimizing the potential for these hazards.

Control Corrosion With Unlimited Restoration

At URI, we’re committed to helping your business get back to regular operations after a flood, fire or other disaster. We have more than a quarter-century of experience treating and controlling corrosion after property damage. Our team of experts is available to help you no matter the hour of the day and can rapidly respond to your business. Contact us online to see how we can help address and prevent future corrosion control today, or call 888.327.9664 for emergency response.

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