Baltimore, MD

Damage Restoration in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore can experience severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and above-average rainfall. Properties throughout the area are at constant risk of damage due to natural disasters, accidents and other causes. Fires, flooding, mold and other disasters can cripple a business, create liability issues, and in many cases, lead to high costs for recovery. At Unlimited Restoration, we help you overcome these challenges with professional disaster planning services and expert damage restoration in Baltimore, Maryland.


Disaster Services in Maryland

Following any natural or accidental disaster, you must renovate fast or risk closing down for good. Professional disaster response within the first 48 hours is critical to stop the damage from spreading, create a safe environment, limit your insurance claim and help you to reopen faster. With the experts at URI on the job, you can rest assured that we will arrive quickly and deploy every resource necessary to contain the site, reduce your expenses and expedite your property restoration.

Water Damage Services

Natural disasters cause catastrophic flooding, but significant water damage is also possible from regular rainfall, burst pipes and more. Whether from a massive event or an ongoing leak, water damage can include staining, warping and other widespread destruction requiring removal and replacement. At URI, we provide fast and complete Baltimore water damage restoration services.

Fire Restoration Services

Baltimore and the surrounding areas suffered over 2,000 structure fires in 2018 — a rate of over five per day. Fires, through a combination of flames, smoke and soot, will cause damage to almost anything in their path. URI’s fire restoration services can help put things back in order through professional site cleanup, content restoration, HVAC cleaning, general construction and more.

Mold Remediation Services

If you have mold, you need to deal with this fast-spreading health hazard before it causes more damage. Mold is unsightly, destructive, odorous and responsible for several adverse health reactions ranging from mild to severe. We seal the entire area and remove each contaminated item to ensure total remediation. Our teams will sterilize your ducts to return air quality to acceptable levels and sanitize any salvageable items to reduce the financial impact of the outbreak.

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Emergency Response for the Baltimore, Maryland, Area

We provide emergency response planning to protect against loss in the event of an emergency. As your full-service provider for damage restoration in Baltimore, Maryland, we will come to your location and develop custom plans designed around your business type, facility and risks common to the local area. Our experts develop strategies to expedite our response, prioritize your valuables, reduce your downtime and decrease your property losses.

We Help You Think Ahead

At URI, we think about all the worst-case scenarios that could happen to your business so that you don’t have to. To take advantage of our free disaster planning services and create a safety net for your business, please send us a message today or call 888.327.9664.

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