4 Key Elements of a Successful Business Disaster Restoration Plan

A major storm can do a lot of damage to your business. This damage can be physical damages to your business or more internal damages such as power outages that stop work productivity for quite some time. To keep all types of damages to a minimum, it’s essential that you have a business disaster restoration plan in action.

Having one of these plans is the best way to ensure your business picks right back up after a major disaster strikes. To have a well-established plan, it needs to have a few key elements. Continue reading to make sure your plan covers these 4 elements listed below!

1. Identify Disaster Risks

Your first step should be to identify all of the major disaster risks within your business. Then, list them in order of their priority. Which risks will need to be corrected first?

These items should include any hardware, software, and applications that your business uses. You’ll need to restore the most important aspects of your business first. When creating this list, be sure to add all the information about each risk.

Information should include the product key, technical support numbers, and passwords.

2. Select Members of the Disaster Team

You should have designated members to create a disaster team. The disaster team is responsible for completing specific actions that are required for recovering from a disaster. These people should be identified throughout the entire business.

They should know their own roles and your other employees should know who the team members are and what specific role each team member has as well. This will make it easy for your employees to know who to contact during or after a disaster. For example, who will be in charge of making phone calls or getting the systems back up and running again?

3. Create a Communication Plan

You should also have a communication plan set in place as well. Once your employees know their responsibilities, be sure that they know how to communicate with one another as well. Everyone should know how to get in touch with you, one another, vendors, and customers when you’re regular means of communication are down.

Have an outline of these procedures to follow and ensure that everyone is aware of them.

4. Choose Emergency Restoration Services

Now it’s time to choose an emergency restoration service. These services are ideal for restoring damages caused by fire and smoke, water and floods, and more. At Unlimited Restoration, Inc, we use all of our own equipment.

This means that when an emergency strikes, you won’t have to worry about needing to find the right equipment during a disaster. We’ll also come out to you and evaluate your disaster plan free of charge. You can then be placed on the preferred list.

Being on the preferred list means that we’ll come directly to you in the event of a disaster!

Put Your Business Disaster Restoration Plan Into Effect Today!

What are you waiting for? Put your business disaster restoration plan into effect today! Give us a call and see how we can help ease your mind during a disastrous event.

We cover a wide range of services and work with multiple types of properties!


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