9 Most Common Natural Disasters in the U.S.

If you live in the United States, then chances are that you’ve experienced some type of natural disaster in your lifetime. Although, the type of natural disaster might depend on the area of the country that you live in. Different sections of the United States are prone to different types of natural disasters.

But do you know what is considered to be the number one natural disaster in the United States? Read below to learn about 9 of the most common natural disasters, and the number one natural disaster to most frequently cause damage!

9. Tornadoes

Centered around eastern parts of Oklahoma and Kansas and some surrounding states is Tornado Valley. This area in the Great Plains is known for enduring the most amount of tornado activity in the United States. But don’t be fooled by the borders of Tornado Valley.

Tornados have shocked the country before by hitting Illinois. Tornados can cause severe damages to cars and homes, and they leave behind immense amounts of debris in their paths.

8. Volcanic Activities

Volcanic activity is mostly found around the western coast, in Hawaii, and along Alaska’s coast. Although we know that many volcanoes lie dormant, they can erupt at any given notice. And within the last 100 years or so, there have been about 3 dozen volcanic eruptions in the United States.

Volcanic activity causes damages such as mudslides, fast floods, earthquakes, rock falls, and any other damages caused by the traveling lava.

7. Wildfires

Wildfires are also known as forest fires and brush fires. This type of fire strikes suddenly and moves quickly. They mostly affect the western part of the country, and California has been hit hard with them lately.

But other states such as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are also at risk. Some of the dryer states even expect to have a couple of wildfires each summer. Wildfires can do a lot of damage to the environment, structures, and even cause death.

5. Landslides

Although landslides can actually occur in any of the 50 states, they are most commonly known for affecting areas around the Appalachian Mountains, Pacific Coastal ranges, and the Rocky Mountains. States like Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, California, and Oregon are all more prone to this disaster.

Landslides cause flooding and major damages to homes and water structures such as dams, sewage systems, and water supplies.

4. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures such as heat waves and winter weather can do quite some damage. Heat waves mostly affect areas on the eastern side of the United States. Although other countries fall victim to heat waves more so than the United States does, they are still known to cause deaths here in the states.

Extreme winter weather mostly affects the northeastern states. When snow falls continuously and winds pick up speeds, daily life activities all come to a halt. Damages caused by extreme weather include death, power outages, tree damage, and flooding.

3. Earthquakes

Although Earthquakes like to hit California more than any other state, they do tend to surprise us now and then by showing up in other states. Death due to earthquakes is fairly low, but it is possible. And damages caused by earthquakes include mudslides, avalanches, landslides, ground displacement, and damages to structures.

2. Hurricanes

Not every hurricane that forms in the ocean hits land, however, when a hurricane does decide to hit land, the outcome is usually devastating. Hurricanes mostly hit coastal regions of the United States. They can cause extreme flooding, damages to homes, businesses, and landscapes.

1. Flooding

Coming in as the number 1 natural disaster affecting the United States is flooding. Between the years of 1995 and 2015, there was a record of 3,062 flood disasters. Floods do the most damage to properties and don’t discriminate when deciding which state to hit.

Flooding Damage land, properties, and cars. Power outages, deaths, and airborne diseases can also occur.

Most Common Natural Disasters & How You Can Prepare

No matter which state you live in, you’re at risk of some type of natural disaster. And the most common natural disasters are known to affect more than one state. When you are affected by a natural disaster, you want a registered Disaster Relief company to be by your side.

We specialize in several different response situations, and we own a vast amount of our own equipment to always remain prepared to help you as quickly as possible. Contact us today to learn about all of our services and how you can be placed on our “preferred list” today.


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