A Step by Step Guide to Disaster Restoration Services That Are Available

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Protecting your business from disasters is effective in mitigating problems before they happen. At Unlimited Restorations, INC. we offer just the services for you!
Let’s take a look at the disaster restoration service the team at URI can provide for you.

Disaster Restoration Service Steps

When disaster strikes, URI provides several services to mitigate losses and to help your business recover as soon as possible. From temporary repairs to temporary power, URI is here to help.

Emergency Stabilization

Stabilization in disaster restoration controls the situation so that further damage does not occur.

When our response team arrives on the scene, technicians quickly and carefully assess the damage. It’s vital to act as soon as possible. A short-term and long-term action plan get made to protect your business property.

Emergency Weatherproofing

Fires, water, debris, and severe weather can cause structural damage to your property. This can leave it exposed and vulnerable to all of Mother Nature’s wrath.

URI provides emergency weatherproofing to secure your property against further damage. We have the capabilities to enclose buildings up to fourteen stories tall! No matter the size of your property or the extent of the damage, we can provide a solution to suit your needs.


When a commercial or industrial property is damaged, hazardous substances can enter the air.

Airborne hazards like mold, lead, and asbestos can travel from their source and affect other areas. Containment limits and prevents further damages, reducing the overall cost of clean up.

Temporary Power and Distribution

In many emergency situations, power and other utilities can become unavailable.

URI offers temporary power to run HVAC equipment and other critical equipment for your business. Our generators are sure to meet your business’ needs in this dire time.

Climate Control

URI specializes in restoring climate control for your property, large or small.

Maintaining the temperature inside your property is essential for preventing further losses. Deviations from the norm can damage inventory, cause pipes to freeze, or create a hazardous environment. We mitigate all of this by returning your business environment to the status quo.

Debris Removal

Natural disasters often leave debris behind, from fallen trees to building structures.

URI has the knowledge and equipment to safely clear any debris that is obstructing or impacting your property. You never know what hazardous substances may lay hiding in debris.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is a tool to make repairs to affected areas while the rest of your business continues.

In combination with emergency stabilization and containment, our team can ensure the integrity of your facilities. This prevents further damage to other areas of your property.

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