Are Natural Disasters Increasing?

Climate-related disasters are on the rise across the globe. Floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes and more are affecting communities worldwide in unprecedented numbers.

The number of weather emergencies increased tenfold in the past 60 years. While better reporting plays a minor role, scientists have connected the increased frequency of natural disasters to climate change.

The Steady Increase of Natural Disasters

Every year, we experience more frequent disasters that threaten our lives, property and sense of well-being. A single natural disaster can affect millions of people and claim the lives of thousands.In 2019, a flood in India killed 1,900 people, while an extreme heatwave in France caused over 1,400 deaths.

The number of natural disasters has risen steadily since 1990, with a dramatic increase in the past century. An Ecological Threat Register report shows that the world is now experiencing ten times the number of disasters per year than in 1960. There were 416 natural disasters worldwide in 2020 alone.

These events can cause billions of dollars worth of damage, with the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan leading the list at 210 billion dollars. We now experience over 400 natural disasters annually, and people worldwide are struggling to get resources and assistance when disaster strikes.

Due to higher temperatures and increased rainfall, flooding is the most common natural disaster. Storms like hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones follow close behind. As the number of natural disaster increase, scientists have been examining the link between climate change and climate disasters.

The Impacts of Climate Change on Natural Disasters

Climate change has caused global temperatures to soar, leading to droughts, flooding and stronger storms. As climate change continues unchecked, an increase in the number and intensity of natural disasters is likely to follow. Although the future of how exactly climate change will impact weather phenomenon is uncertain, scientists have agreed on some general trends.

A global increase in temperatures causes more water to evaporate and leads to more powerful storms. Warmer temperatures on the ocean’s surface will cause higher wind speeds during hurricanes and tropical storms. Climate change is also causing unprecedented droughts and flooding worldwide.

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