Commercial Water Damage – What to Look For

Water damage on your commercial property can be a nuisance. In order to minimize the damage to your property, any type of water damage needs to be dealt with quickly and correctly; not only for the sake of your wallet but also for your health.

What is considered water damage?

Water damage can present itself in a variety of ways. In order to know if you’re experiencing water damage, you have to be able to identify where water damage is likely to occur on your property.

• Leaky Roof – After a major rainstorm or even a heavy winter storm, water and moisture stuck on the roof can build up over time and can cause the structure to decay and weaken. Any sign of a leak or bowing of the ceiling needs immediate action to assess and limit the amount of damage to your property.

• Damaged or Poorly Maintained Appliances – Any appliance that contains water, i.e., dishwasher, refrigerator, HVAC, sump pump, etc. all have the potential to fail. If the appliance is old or damaged, you run the risk of a leak occurring at any time, most inconveniently when you’re not around.

• Plumbing – It’s important to have your commercial building’s piping inspected and if necessary updated. Old, rusted and cracked piping will inevitably leak. Additionally, during colder months any piping that has water sitting in it and/or doesn’t have water moving through it often may be subject to burst pipes.

• Irrigation – If your commercial property uses an irrigation system, it’s important to flush and winterize the line during the winter months to remove water from the line. If Water isn’t run through the line often, the water will freeze and become trapped, which can cause frozen and burst pipes.

• Sprinkler System Malfunction – In an older commercial building, it’s possible that the sprinkler systems work with the fire protection systems. You’ll want to check the system to make sure that it is not faulty or in need of replacement to prevent unnecessary water damage.

• Backed up Sewer Lines – A backed up sewage line can be very frustrating to discover and quite frankly, very disgusting and dangerous. Backed up lines can be caused by roots in your plumbing, flooding from a storm or just a simple block in the line. No matter the cause, you will have contaminated black water flowing on the floors which can cause serious health effects if not handled professionally.

How Can You Prevent Water Damage?

Perform regular building maintenance checks on your property. Once a year, you should plan a thorough walk-through of your property to look for faulty pipes or structural concerns that could potentially lead to water damage.

If you find water damage present on your property, take action. Don’t let a simple leak turn into a large problem. Call the professionals at Unlimited Restoration, Inc. Our emergency response team is available 24/7. Our trained technicians will assess the level of damage done to your property. With the proper equipment and knowledge, our technicians will work quickly and take the proper steps to correct the issue and return your commercial property to it’s like new condition.


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