Three Ways Water Damage Could Hurt Your Business

For a business to thrive, it takes hard work, determination, and a space to make the magic happen. From photography studios to soda shops to grocery stores to warehouses, operating efficiently and effectively starts in the workplace. Many studies demonstrate a direct correlation between the performance and productivity of employees and their physical work environment. In addition, keeping your business in the best physical condition not only ensures the best environment for your employees, but keeps a professional appeal to your customers and clients, and provides a safe experience for all who enter. 

However, did you know that all that can be hindered by water damage? Every day in the US, fourteen thousand people experience a water damage emergency, and commercial buildings are no exception. If left unchecked, water damage could not only be incredibly detrimental to your workplace, but also to your business as a whole. Here are a few ways how:


In as little as 48 hours after your business has been affected by water damage, mold growth can occur. Not only is mold unsettling to see, but can also pose a serious health threat if left unmanaged. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and nearly a quarter of them are allergic to mold. For many of these people, even being in the same building as mold caused by water damage is enough to cause respiratory distress. However, even those without mold allergies can be affected by mold. When inhaled, airborne mold spores can cause cold-like symptoms triggered by your immune systems, such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, redness of the eyes, itchy eyes, skin irritation, or rash. This means that mold exposure can result in many sick days from employees and clients’ discomfort, and it should be handled professionally immediately by a restoration service.


Water damage can wear away at the structural integrity of your building. From a client’s perspective, unmaintained water damage demonstrates a poor and unprofessional appearance. With discoloration, cracking, warping, swollen floors, peeling or bubbling paint, and many other visible signs of water damage, you may accidentally be relaying a message of laziness, inefficiency, and inability to solve problems. Luckily, a restoration service, like Unlimited Restoration in the Philadelphia area, is fully equipped to take care of water damage before clients can even bat an eye. 


Not only does structural decay reflect poorly on your business, but water damage can also create a hazardous environment that may be dangerous to your employees and clients. Cracks in foundation, shelves, windows, or doorframes, holes in roofs and seals, and swollen floors can challenge the structural integrity of your business and can cause serious damage if neglected over time. Oftentimes, water damage can seep beneath the surface of your workspace and may affect the electrical inner workings around you. This can not only lead to a malfunction of equipment but also turns your business into a target for numerous electrical and fire hazards. In addition, if you have standing water, it may contain serious contaminants and bacterias that can be severely harmful to anyone who tries to manage the issues without the eye of a professional.


If you know your business is afflicted by water damage, call a restoration service as soon as possible to ensure the safety and efficiency of your employees and their work environment. If you live in the Philadelphia area, Unlimited Restoration has experience in commercial water damage cleanup and is ready 24/7 to act quickly to serve you. You can give their Emergency Response Hotline a call at 888.753.7587


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