COVID-19 Infection Prevention Services

URI’s sanitizing and infection prevention services were developed in concordance with current CDC and EPA guidelines for COVID-19 infection control. We employ CDC protocols using EPA registered sanitizers deemed effective for COVID-19. URI’s products have been cross-referenced with EPA’s “List N” of approved chemicals to ensure efficacy for disinfection of COVID-19.

Level 1 – COVID-19 General Preventative Sanitizing

  • Cleaning and sanitizing per CDC protocols using EPA registered sanitizers approved for addressing COID-19
  • HEPA Vacuum and pre-cleaning of general area
  • Clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces including handles, knobs and desktops; includes upward facing surfaces up to 5 feet from the floor
  • Clean and sanitize accessible traffic areas of floors including carpeting

Level 2 – Disinfection for Known Exposure to COVID-19

Disinfection protocols for known exposures to COVID-19 are developed per incident depending on the details of the incident, facility and resident population. Level 2 service includes all of the steps of the Level 1 Sanitizing and may include the following:

  • Level 1 – COVID-19 General Preventative Sanitizing
  • Formal disinfection protocol developed by a Certified Industrial  Hygienist or Infection Control Specialist
  • Area Containment under Negative Pressure
  • Spray Sanitizing
  • Thermo Fogging
  • Electrostatic Sanitizing
  • Ultraviolet Sanitizing

Interested in our COVID-19 services? Fill out our contact form or call us at 888-753-7587. URI provides emergency restoration and specialty services for a variety of areas, including Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Washington, D.C. and Wilmington, DE.

*Due to the global nature of this event, limitations of available supplies, materials, equipment, and personnel may be unavoidable.


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