Empower Your Career: Gain Facility Management Credentials for Success

As a facilities management professional, there are a number of ways to advance in the constantly evolving FM field and a tried and true method to help further your career is through achieving facility management credentials. Let’s explore two of the most popular facility management credentials offered by our friends at the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) – the Facilities Management Professional (FMP) and the Certified Facility Manager (CFM).

Which facility management credential is right for you?

Both the CFM and FMP certifications equip professionals with skills that boost employability and professional mobility. They provide a solid foundation in key aspects of facility management, such as operations and maintenance, project management, finance, leadership, and strategy. Which credential would be the best fit for where you are at in your FM career? Check out the different fast facts for both the FMP and CFM below:

Facilities Management Professional (FMP) Fast Facts

  • Recommended for professionals with at least one year of experience in the FM field
  • Designed to strengthen your hard and soft skills as an FM
  • There are both online and in-person options to study for and complete your FMP
  • Does not require recertification

Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Fast Facts

  • Requires a minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience in the FM field
  • Designed to test your expertise as a facility management professional
  • There is no required training to take the CFM exam
  • Requires recertification every five years
The Differences Between the FMP and CFM.

Infographic courtesy of IFMA.

What are the benefits of achieving a facility management credential?

  • Set Yourself Apart. In the competitive landscape of today’s job market, a credentialed status puts you ahead of the competition. FMP and CFM certified professionals have proven their abilities and demonstrated their commitment to achieving excellence in the FM profession.
  • Higher Earning Poential. CFMs earn, on average, 13% more than non-certified facility managers.
  • Lead by Example. Both the FMP and CFM credentials are not simple to achieve and are a tangible sign of your dedication and success. Share your expertise and mentor future facility management members of your organization with your skills.
  • Grow Your Professional Network. Unlock opportunities to network during special FMP or CFM events. IFMA chapter members also receive special recognition from their chapters.

Where is a good place to start with advancing towards a facility management credential?

IFMA offers a Self-Assessment Tool to help you identify your potential strengths and weaknesses across the FM knowledge base to guide you on what areas you can grow with additional training opportunities. To learn more, visit: ifma.org.


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