Fire Damage Prevention In Philadelphia

A fire at work would be a disaster on so many fronts: employee and customer safety, lost inventory, damage to machines and facilities, and lost production time. The recommendations by OSHA and other government agencies must be adhered to. In addition, tips from insurance carriers and industry “best practices” can suggest a few reminders for keeping your business safe:

Update Your Fire Prevention Plan

As you review your existing plan, be aware of opportunities to improve:

  • Establish a clear place for information– on the cloud and always accessible.  Include floor plans that illustrate the type, location and operation of fire protection systems, safe access for firefighting, and all exit facilities.
  • Facilitate a dynamic and ongoing process of identifying alternate procedures in the event of a temporary shutdown of fire protection equipment or systems. Plan for the unexpected.
  • Clarify your accountability system that can find all building occupants following an evacuation. For example, are you be able to capture which employees have “badged in” today? Why is responsible for the visitor log?
  • Do all the employees know the rendezvous point: the place of relative or ultimate safety? Perhaps more importantly, is the procedure for leaving the property after an emergency clear? For example, if it is cold, can they wait in their cars? Be clear about your expectations.
  • Clutter not only provides fuel for fires but also prevents access to exits and emergency equipment. Personally walk your workplace with an eye for safety. Sweep up, straighten up, and don’t stop there. Keep the weeds and grass controlled, so they don’t contribute to a fire on the site. Properly discard fire hazards like oily rags in a covered metal container and empty regularly.
  • Ensure the worksite a no smoking zone—free of matches and lighters. With zero open flames at your workplace, you increase the safety of your workers. Enforce “no burning” of construction materials, trash or other items on the worksite.  

Your Best Prevention Tool? Your People!

When you make safety a priority, your employees should believe just as strongly as you do in safety.  Start by hiring the safest employees. In the interview process, since a prospective employe’s feelings about a total commitment to safety.  Then keep the team involved in the safety effort. Solicit employee suggestions on what they think can be done to prevent accidents. Call it “Plan for the Zombie Apocalypse”. Then take action on these suggestions (well at least the reasonable ones!)

Managing The Human Hazards

Your people can also be your biggest liability. It is estimated that 85-90% of accidents are a result of the unsafe actions of people. Manage the behaviors of your employees to reduce the injuries and increase safety.  

Observe employees as they work and identify both the safe and unsafe behaviors. Focus on the things employees do that are right or safe and provide immediate and positive feedback. Help employees recognize good performance and reinforce this behavior.  Include safety as a measure of your company’s success and, at least once a year, clearly communicate performance against metrics.

Maximize overall building security. To help prevent arson fires, always lock up as per protocol, report suspicious persons or behavior, and never leave combustible garbage around the property.

Business Continuity

As your continuously review and update your safety plan, work from the standpoint of business continuity; focus on the speed at which your business can safely return to operational status. Often, this means finding a way to set up temporary operations elsewhere but use safe areas and buildings while restoration is in progress.  

A full-service team like Unlimited Restoration can not only respond to a disaster but can help your company plan and prepare for the unknown.  Disaster Planning and Training is offered for companies who need help with the creation or for those who just want an expert review.

Addressing Fire Damage In Greater Philadelphia

Unlimited Restoration, Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals with extensive construction experience ready to guide you through and oversee every aspect of reconstruction following disaster recovery and remediation. Unlimited Restoration in Philadelphia can help you with your water damage restoration and disaster restoration needs. This location provides water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, water extraction, basement flooding cleanup and general restoration services at 888.327.9664. Or visit to learn more about preventing and recovering from water damage.


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