5 Flood Damage Cleanup Tips To Remember

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the skills outlined in this post. Chances are, however, that you or a loved one will experience some degree of flooding throughout a lifetime. Knowing how to respond quickly and appropriately to flood damage will save your prized possessions, money, and damage to your home. Flooding is one of the most devastating things you can experience
as a homeowner in the greater Philadelphia area. Here’s how to respond:

1. Keep Safety First
This one is a no-brainer on paper, but in the real world, people sometimes want to play “hero.” Instead of scrambling to grab a last-minute item or attempting a do-it-yourself flood cleanup job for the first time, step back and slow down. Many mistakes are made in the aftermath of a flood. For starters, turn off the power if it is safe to do so. Keep children away from flooded areas and only enter affected areas yourself if cleared by a professional. Remember that water damage has varying degrees of contaminants and that it can pack millions of harmful microorganisms.

2. Take Pictures
Many insurance agencies strongly advise taking pictures of flooding to document the extent of the damage. Capture images while the damage is fresh and it will help to speed up the process of filing a claim and receiving adequate compensation. A few quick pictures can be of significant help later on.

3. Remove The Water And Dry it Up
First and foremost, turn off the source of the water overflow or leak. The process of removing excess water and drying affected areas is an extensive process. The faster it is completed, the better. With the progress of time, mold begins to develop, structures begin to rot, and personal items receive more damage. Before calling a professional flood damage cleanup specialist, you can begin to bail out water or use a wet vacuum to soak up the moisture. If you have a dehumidifier on hand, put it to good use before mold and mildew start to develop.

4. Prepare For Additional Flooding
Unfortunately, damage incurred once is damage waiting to happen again. If an equipment malfunction or appliance leak caused the flooding, be sure to spend adequate time and finances to 100% resolve the problem. Preparation will save you hours of flood cleanup. Take the time to check other common flooding culprits: the bathroom, the dishwasher, outside gutters, and door frames.

5. Call a Professional
To receive the most extensive flood damage cleanup, industry experts recommend calling a professional company. Most homeowners have never dealt with the cleanup process before and important steps may be missed. For example, water may have seeped into the subfloor and behind electrical fixtures. Drywall is a great host of excess moisture and may begin to develop
mold if not properly cared for. Unlimited Restoration is an experienced and reputable disaster cleanup company in the greater Philadelphia area. Flooding is a cinch with our expert team and equipment. Give us a call today!


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