Hotel Fire Protection Tips to Ensure a Safe Stay for Guests

Every year, almost 4,000 fires happen in hotels and motels. As a hotel owner, how can you make sure a hotel fire doesn’t happen on your property?

While you may care deeply about the safety of your guests, it’s all too easy to overlook common fire hazards. Not all of them are well-known, but they can all have disastrous consequences.

Because protecting a hotel from fire is far different from protecting a house or smaller establishment, you need to take a specialized approach. Here’s what you should know about hotel fire protection to keep your guests safe.

Properly Install Smoke Alarms

Using smoke alarms to prevent hotel fires might seem like common knowledge. But even so, all too many hotel fires spread because there weren’t enough working smoke alarms in the building.

A smoke alarm can make the difference between a tiny fire and a devastating one. Make sure to install working smoke alarms near kitchens or other potential sources of fire, and test them regularly.

Keep Electrical Malfunctions at Bay

Electrical issues don’t just cause annoyances like flickering lights. They can also signal a fire hazard.

If your hotel has any electrical problems, make sure to get them assessed and fixed by a professional right away. Next to open flames, electrical malfunctions are one of the top causes of hotel fire damage.

Outfit Kitchens for Safety

While electrical malfunctions can be an issue, most hotel fires actually come from the kitchen. As you work on hotel fire protection, make sure to pay extra attention to kitchen areas.

These areas are the most important places to put smoke detectors, for example. Fire extinguishers should also be placed in or near the kitchen.

Install Sprinkler Systems

In some areas, automatic sprinkler systems in hotels are required by law. But even if they aren’t required in your area, consider installing one anyway.

You can never completely prevent a fire since you can’t fully control for irresponsible guests. But a sprinkler system can make the difference between a small, contained-fire and a large, deadly one.

Have Multiple Exit Stairways

In hotels with multiple stories, most guests use the elevator. However, in case of a fire, elevators aren’t safe. Does your hotel have enough stairs for all the guests to escape safely?

A single exit stairway won’t be enough. For example, fire can block that stairway, leaving guests completely trapped. If your hotel only has one exit stairway, find a way to add another escape route to the design.

What Should You Do If There Is a Hotel Fire?

These important steps will go a long way toward hotel fire protection. However, in spite of your best efforts, fires can still happen. In that case, then what?

You don’t have to face recovering from a devastating fire alone. Disaster recovery services can help you get your hotel back up and running. Not only that, but they can also evaluate your current disaster plan and add you to a preferred list, so you get assistance first in case of fire.

Ready to sign up for disaster recovery? Get in touch here to get started.


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