How to Remove Tobacco Smoke Odor

After many years of smoking in an enclosed room, the smell of tobacco can build up. Unfortunately, even after individuals have stopped smoking in the room, the scent can linger and become difficult to remove.

When someone smokes a cigarette, the smoke produces a thick, sticky residue. This residue sticks to various surfaces in the room, ranging from the walls to the furniture, causing the scent to permeate the space. Carpets, upholstery and pillows also absorb this smell, creating an environment filled with thirdhand smoke.

While it can be difficult and time-consuming to remove, there are some solutions you can try to get rid of the cigarette smell in a room.

Long-Term Tobacco Smell Removal Solutions

If you are looking for long-term solutions to get rid of cigarette smell in a room, you can try:

  • Opening your windows to ventilate and let fresh air in.
  • Setting up a fan to help push some of the indoor air out.
  • Replacing your air conditioning and furnace filters.
  • Replacing upholstery, pillows, furniture and draperies that could be harboring the tobacco scent.
  • Cleaning and repainting the walls. Try to use cleaning products that contain either glycol or ammonia to help neutralize and remove the cigarette smell. Then, you can repaint the walls using latex paint.
  • Cleaning the entire room from top to bottom. This means cleaning big areas such as the ceiling and any hardwood floors and carpet, as well as fixtures and blinds.

Short-Term Ways to Get Rid of the Tobacco Smell

There are also plenty of quick and easy short-term solutions you can try to get rid of lingering tobacco smells in a room. Try these tips for a fast but temporary fix:

  • Sprinkle baking soda, which helps neutralize and absorb odors, on your carpet and furniture overnight. Then you can vacuum it up the following day.
  • Install an air purifier.
  • Burn either non-scented or scented candles in the room.
  • Place either coffee beans or orange peels in bowls throughout your home.
  • Add a few indoor plants.

While these short-term solutions can help with tobacco smell removal, they only offer a temporary fix and don’t actually remove and eliminate the pollutants and odor.

Contact Unlimited Restoration for Professional Tobacco Smoke and Odor Removal Services

If you’ve tried some of the long- or short-term solutions for removing cigarette smells from a room and are still experiencing a lingering odor, you most likely need professional equipment and services to eradicate it.

At Unlimited Restoration, we offer a range of professional tobacco smoke and odor removal services to help you remove dangerous pollutants and scents from your room. Our team works fast, executing expert tobacco smell removal services. In no time, you can resume using the room, experiencing a much safer, scent-free space.

To learn more about how we can help you remove dangerous tobacco residue and scents from your space, contact us today.


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