How You Can Support a Business Post-Disaster

No matter what type of disaster one of your go-to local businesses has suffered, you can help them keep their doors open with your dedication and support. Whether it’s water and smoke damage or complete reconstruction, you can adapt your own habits to support your community’s companies during a period of natural disaster recovery and encourage others to do the same.

Share Their Posts on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for business recovery after a disaster. Sharing a local store’s posts and messages on different platforms can help spread awareness of their current situation and encourage other people to lend their support in any way possible.

Using platforms like Patreon is a great business opportunity after a natural disaster since people within the community can donate their funds directly to the cause.

Write Positive Reviews

By writing positive reviews online and sharing your positive store experience with other people in the area, the community can see how the business cares about its customers and provides a welcoming experience.

People from all over the area will see your review online, and they may feel inclined to reach out and lend their help, even if they haven’t visited the specific store before.

Sign up for Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to support a business since they keep everyone up to date on the latest news. During a disaster recovery period, they can keep you informed about a company’s current status, enabling you to visit them as soon as they reopen or help in any way they need.

You can also share these newsletters and updates with other community members to bring more awareness to the business’s recovery efforts.

Find New Ways to Support Them

During small business recovery after a disaster, you may have to find new ways to support local companies. For example, if your favorite gym is shut down due to flooding, you can continue to lend your support by booking workout classes online.

By shifting your support method, you can help your favorite businesses continue receiving a revenue flow that can help them restore their space to what it once was.

Reach Out for Support Services

At Unlimited Restoration, we have a wide range of support services to help any business through an unexpected catastrophe. We understand the period of uncertainty companies experience when they need help recovering after a catastrophe, and we’re here to lend our support in any way we can.

With offices across the East Coast, we can provide a wide network of support. Call us today at 888-327-9664 to speak with one of our team members directly or reach out to us for other helpful advice.


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