In the Event of an Emergency: How to Plan Your Business for Emergencies and Evacuations

The plans you have in place in the event of an emergency could save lives. For businesses and staff, creating a plan for an emergency or evacuation is vital. Do you have a plan in place? Do you know how to create a plan?

What to do in the event of an emergency isn’t always common sense to some people, so here are a few tips to create the best plan for you and your staff.

Train Your Employees

Have a handful of employees with specific knowledge of things that could help during an emergency could make all the difference. For instance, training two employees per department in first aid could ensure any injured employees are seen to quickly.

Similarly, someone who knows what to do and can direct others in the event of a flood or tornado could minimize damage to your business property and keep everyone safe.


In the event of an evacuation, your employees will need a warning signal to know that an evacuation is starting. For most businesses, this is a fire alarm. Your fire alarm should be checked and maintained regularly and you should have evacuation drills so your employees know what to do.


There are times when a tornado warning is received too late for employees to leave. If you’re short on time during a tornado, you’ll need to find somewhere in the building that’s suitable for shelter.

In most business properties, this is often a basement or storerooms with strong masonry work. As an employer, it’s important to stay up to date with weather warnings and run tornado drills to ensure you can fit all employees into shelter spaces.


Unfortunately, the likelihood of an armed attack on business premises is becoming higher in the US. Although the thought is often one most people would rather avoid, it’s important to have an emergency plan in place.

The first thing your employees should do in the event of an attack is to hide and stay silent. If they’re able to lock and block doors, they should. As with any other emergency plan, the aim is to protect life first and foremost.

If any employee is able to reach safety or safely leave the building, the emergency services should be called immediately.


After an emergency has occurred, you may need to do several things. Firstly, check all staff are okay and call the emergency services if anyone requires an ambulance. There could be some staff members that require medical assistance due to shock.

You’ll also need to stabilize your building and rebuild if damage has been done. If you already have an agreement in place with a local restoration company, you may be able to get work done quickly and begin trading again.

Unlike other companies, we don’t have to rent out our equipment, so we’ll get to you as quickly as possible.

Stay Calm in the Event of an Emergency

The most important thing you can do in the event of an emergency is to stay calm. When you follow your plan, you can ensure the safety of your staff and your business.

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