Flood Awareness And Preparedness Tips

There are many factors that go into being prepared for a flood and its effects. Some of them are quite obvious and a few aren’t immediately considered by many people. Below are three important ways to that you can employ to prepare yourself against the effects of flood and water damage so that you can be more prepared in case a flood does come. Nonetheless, we know that even with the best preparation that damage can still be significant. No matter your water damage situation, our certified professionals at Unlimited Restoration in the Philadelphia area are here to help!

Use Materials Resistant To Water Damage

If you have the foresight to incorporate materials into your property that are more resistant to water you may be very grateful you did at some point in the future. Certain materials that can be used in buildings are able to withstand being in contact with water for up to 72 hours before sustaining any serious damage that would require major repairs. Listed below are the best water-resistant materials you can use for different parts of your home.

  • Floors: Use concrete, pressure-treated lumber, or clay and ceramic tiles.
  • Walls And Ceilings: Use brick, metal, concrete, and stone.
  • Doors: Use hollow metal doors and cabinets instead of solid wood.
  • Surfaces: Use polyester epoxy paint for added protection.

Raise Electrical Components

We all know that water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Thus, a flood could wreak absolute havoc upon your electrical system making your home dangerous to be in and a giant hassle to restore all your electrical systems. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this that works in many cases. That is, to simply raise your electrical components further off the ground where floodwater is less likely to damage them. If you decide to do this, consult with a licensed professional on how you can effectively do this within your home.

Utilize Sewer Backflow Valves

Sometimes floodwaters can cause sewage from your sewer lines to back up, pushing contaminated water back through drainage pipes and into your home or business. This damage is not only costly but also a serious health risk. Installing a backflow valve can prevent overloaded drain pipes from pushing return flow into your property. Configurations range from simple flap-style valves to complex gate valves and those with both. Consider the following tips before choosing your new sewer backflow valve:

Know A Certified Restoration Company To Call

Last, you should do your research ahead of time to know what cleaning and restoration company you would like to call in the event of a flood. Doing this is valuable for many reasons. First of all, it is one less thing for you to worry about as your plate is already full dealing with the flood. Also, it will save you time and allow the restoration process to begin sooner. We hope that if you live in the Philadelphia area you will choose our team at Unlimited Restoration. With experienced technicians and around the clock emergency service we will help you get your home back to normal in no time!


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