What To Do For Commercial Water Damage Repair

It can be a scary situation if your business is in need of commercial water damage repair. What are you going to do until the water is cleaned up? Should you lease a new space or just wait until you can open your doors up again. A lot of these questions can be answered by the professionals at Unlimited Restoration in greater Philadelphia who specialize in commercial water damage repair. They can let you know about how much time it will take to get everything cleaned up and you can make some big decisions from there. Everything to do with your cleanup situation can be turned over to these experts so you can focus fully on your business. Here is a summary of what they will do in a typical water damage situation

Water Mitigation

The most important step to cleaning up water damage is to get the water sucked out by the most efficient way possible. If most of the water has been absorbed already, the commercial water damage repair professionals will start drying wet surfaces. However if there is any standing water anywhere, it is important to get it all sucked out with their commercial vacuum. Never try to vacuum any standing water on your own; this step requires a special vacuum and standard household ones will probably electrocute you. In fact, it is a good idea to just call the professionals right away and not try and handle the problem on your own anyway. 


It is absolutely vital that water damage gets cleaned and dried as quickly as possible. The longer water is left to absorb into a surface, the worse the water damage will become. Mold can grow in damp surfaces as well as bowing to wood flooring and structural damage to subfloors and studs. Many commercial businesses do not have windows that will open, especially if your business is in a tall building, however, a professional water damage crew will bring in tower fans, dehumidifiers, and will run your AC so that all surfaces will dry as quickly as possible. 


The last thing you want potential clients to think when they walk in your business is that it smells like mold and mildew. First impressions mean a lot in business and fortunately the professionals at Unlimited Restoration understand this. It is not only important for your business to look good, but to smell good as well. This is why commercial water damage repair companies complete a thorough cleaning process after a water damage incident. 


Commercial water damage and residential water damage are very similar in how they are dealt with. However, you should make sure that you are working with a company who specializes in commercial water damage because they will have the right kind of knowledge, tools, and a big enough work crew to handle any size problem you can throw at them. So if you have a water damage issue in your business, even if it is an old one, contact the professionals at Unlimited Restoration today. 


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