Water Damage Restoration Tips All Businesses Should Know

Not only can water damage cause loss of revenue if your business is unusable, but it’s also very costly to repair water damage. If your business has experienced flooding, you’ll want to bring in the professionals to mitigate any damage.

Here are 3 water damage restoration tips to keep in mind as you try to recover from flood damage.

1. Know What Kind of Damage There Is

Not all water damage is created equal. The type of water and where it came from will make a big difference in how the damage is mitigated. Generally, there are three types of water damage.

Clean water damage (category 1 damage) is damage from a broken appliance, water line, etc. The water that damages your business is “clean” water.

Gray water damage (category 2 damage) happens when water comes from a source that may or may not contain contaminants, such as a dishwasher, toilet without feces, or even melted snow or rainwater.

The most serious damage is called black water damage (or category 3 damage). This occurs when rivers or lakes flood, when sewage overflows, or when other groundwater comes into your business. Black water can contain viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as possible after the flooding and water damage, call your insurance company to start the claims process. They may recommend a company to come out to assess the damage, but you do not have to take their recommendation. You may choose any company you want to handle the damage.

It’s a good idea to take pictures of any of the damage as well. Don’t wait for the insurance adjuster to arrive. Take pictures of your own records.

3. Prevent Additional Damage

You can also take a few steps to try to prevent additional damage if the space is safe for you to enter. If its clean water damage, you can remove excess water with a mop and other materials. You can also put furniture up on blocks to prevent any additional damage.

Get valuable items out of there, remove colored rugs to prevent staining, and turn on air conditioning to start the drying process, especially in the summer.

If the area is unsafe or contaminated with gray water or black water, it may be best to leave that totally up to the professionals. They will know proper mitigation procedures and will have the appropriate protective gear to prevent any harm from bacteria or other toxins in the water.

Water Damage Restoration Tips to Get Your Business Up and Running Quickly

Water damage can be a minor inconvenience or a huge incident with significant negative impacts on your business. Don’t try to take on the damage mitigation yourself. Use these water damage restoration tips to take the appropriate steps to start the process with the pros.

A professional restoration company, like Unlimited Restoration, can take care of the water damage mitigation and recovery process for you.

They offer a free disaster evaluation plan, where they can assess your plans to deal with any disasters, such as water damage. Having this evaluation done also places you on their list of preferred companies, which get first priority in the event of a natural disaster.

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