What is Ultrasonic Cleaning and How Does it Work?

Imagine being able to trap a piece of dirt between two places in one object, and pressing a button to release the dirt that is trapped beneath those two things. That is ultrasonic cleaning magic, and only needs an aqueous solution, bubbles, and sound waves to clean something that is dirty.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of cleaning that is used in both industrial and domestic applications and is expected to be a 57 million dollar industry by 2024. Discover the science behind this cleaning force right here.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of science to clean dirt from hard to reach places.

It is performed in a way that is safe for both the item being cleaned and the particles from which it is being cleaned. If for example, you had a dirty piece of hospital equipment, you would want to safely clean the equipment without ruining it.

In a standard ultrasonic cleaning device, you will have a generator, a tank filled with a solution, and a series of ultrasonic transducers.

These transducers create sound waves in the solution that are necessary for the cleaning.

These high-frequency waves perform the cleaning.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Bubbles and sound waves are the scientific keys to ensuring ultrasonic cleaning works. The bubbles are usually microscopic, and there are many of them.

These bubbles are called cavitations, as they are known to be “cavities” of air pockets in a body of water or aqueous solution. A generator creates waves to create the bubbles.

As the sound waves move through the solution, dirt is removed from the object that is placed in the tank.

A good way to visualize how this works is to consider a smudge of lipstick being put on one microscope slide. Then you place another slide on top, wrapping the slides in rubber bands.

After that, put those slides into a cleaner to see the magic in action.

The ultrasonic cleaner will remove the lipstick smudge with ease while keeping the two slides intact.

More common applications for ultrasonic cleaning are in jewelry, tattoo parlors, hospitals, and in disaster recovery applications such as in soot cleaning in a fire damaged business.

Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaning

This form of cleaning is used in a wide variety of both domestic and industrial applications. Ultrasonic cleaning removes chips, oils, dirt, debris, from machines and equipment in a wide variety of settings.

Hospitals and hotels are using it today, as are tattoo parlors, and it is even used at home to clean items such as jewelry or cooking utensils.

When used properly and safely, ultrasonic cleaning works and is being used in more and more applications every day.

Invest in Sound Cleaners

If you are dealing with a situation wherein industrial level cleaning is required, you may consider ultrasonic cleaning for safety’s sake. You can keep your instruments intact while also keeping them sterile, promoting safety in your business or home.

Some safety precautions are recommended, as some studies on mice and insects subjected to ultrasonic sound waves for cleaning have shown some damaging effects. But when you rely on professionals or use ultrasonic cleaners properly, those risks are easily bypassed.

If your business needs ultrasonic cleaning or disaster recovery, contact the Emergency Response Hotline for Unlimited Restoration and we can provide emergency services seven days a week.


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