When Catastrophe Strikes Your Community: What You Need to Know About Catastrophe Duty

At any point during the year, a massive storm can hit your home or place of business, causing a swath of damage. Dealing with this damage can be exhausting, but you aren’t alone.

Recovery from these storms is a long process, but understanding how to best go through catastrophe duty will help you and your community gets back on your feet faster.

What is catastrophe duty? How can you help improve the process? Read on below for a quick guide.

Before the Storm: Preparing for Damage

A duty to the community comes from preparing as one. Storms can cause a lot of havoc and you can prevent much of that with a common understanding on how to prepare for a storm.

Common preparations are removing debris from your property, sealing damages and cracks to your home, and barricading weak access points to your building.

What is Catastrophe Duty

As a community, living through a disaster can be tough. Whether it is from a powerful storm or an unexpected fire, the damage done to both the homes and businesses, but also the resolve of the people can cut deep.

Catastrophe duty is a two-way promise to come together in a time of distress. Bonding together as neighbors and friends can ensure that you save the maximum amount of items and life can resume.

1. Speed is Key

After the storm hits and runs its course, time is precious. Every moment can be a call or a check to see what the storm has damaged.

Once it is safe to go outside, taking the time to check on all your neighbors can be a lifesaver. Knowing whether someone needs emergency help and being able to make that call will help them pull through.

As well, calling helpful services such as our own Catastrophe Response Teams allows us to get to work faster to help you through troubling times.

2. Communication

Right after a storm, getting in communication with a response team, the local authorities, and your friends and neighbors is the start of the power of catastrophe duty.

With communication, you can broadcast important needs and milestones. Informing others that someone needs more critical help or informing people that power will be online everyone a timeline and goal list to work with.

Response teams work best when they have every piece of information about damage and emergency needs as possible.

Share and talk with your neighbors. Act as a community and you can heal like a community.

The URI Catastrophe Response Teams

The URI Catastrophe Response Teams act as a mobile hub of environmental support. With them, we can have rapid responses to disaster areas.

Our trucks and equipment is ready to move out to even the most remote areas. The equipment can provide repair, communication, and electricity to a damaged area.

These teams will be the anchor to form catastrophe duty around. We move in to support a community so the community can rebuild.

Getting You Back On Your Feet

Catastrophe duty can be a vital way toward finding that sense of normalcy again. Weather can be unpredictable, but your response, and your community’s response, doesn’t have to be.

URI strives to provide quality service to all facing dangerous disasters. From building yourself up before the storm to collecting yourself together afterward, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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