When the Lights Go Out: Emergency Restoration Tips For Your Business

You were wrapping up an important project when everything went dark. Now, you’re frantic and trying to figure out if your information got lost forever.

Sound familiar?

Power outages are more common than you’d think, so preparing in advance is a must for every business. Read on to get our top tips for emergency restoration after a power outage.

1. Find a Temporary Power Source

Electricity is something that the developed world often takes for granted. We always expect it to be in working order, but we can’t control the weather or other accidents. Instead, businesses must prepare for the possibility.

Reports show that over 36.7 million Americans suffered outages throughout 2017. What should you do if your business gets struck?

A business without power is losing profit by the minute. You’ll want to sort out a temporary power and distribution system right away.

At Unlimited Restoration, we own emergency generators and other power equipment. By contacting us, you’ll save time and effort trying to find or rent a temporary power source.

Once you have temporary power, you can start assessing the damage and moving forward.

2. Go Over Safety Precautions

It’s tempting to call all your employees into the office to start getting control. But, you need to consider their safety.

Instead, limit the employees who come into work right after an outage. You don’t want everyone back at work until your power is up and running again. Have a manager or supervisor go over the emergency safety protocol.

Here are some things you should do after an outage:

  • Disconnect non-essential electronics to avoid further damage
  • Call the utility office to report the outage
  • Generators produce carbon monoxide, so you need to watch out for high levels in the office
  • Always check the weather and ensure the threat is over

These safety measures should get outlined before an accident occurs. If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency without a plan, then it’s best to reach out to the professionals.

3. Activate Your Emergency Restoration Plan

After you’ve secured the area and turned on temporary power, you should be set to ride out the outage. But, that’s not the end of your worries.

Once the lights finally turn back on for good, you’ll need to begin assessing the damage. Here are a few tips you must include in your emergency restoration plan:

  • If you don’t have a backup folder, then you need to start making one in the future
  • Create a cloud storage system for critical files
  • Consider hiring a professional to recover any other digital data

Are you concerned that your emergency plan isn’t up to par? At Unlimited Restoration, Inc, we offer free disaster plan evaluations for businesses. We’ll visit your facility, analyze your plan, and offer constructive feedback.

Emergency Prepping for your Business

Even after following these tips, things can still go wrong. If you’re struggling, then don’t go at it alone. Reach out to professionals who are experts at emergency restoration.

Reach out to Unlimited Restoration, Inc online now or by calling (888) 753-7587.


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