Why Do You Need a Business Continuity Policy?

Everything from human errors to extreme weather disasters can create threats to your company. In 2018, the ten worst extreme weather disasters in the US cost more than 80 billion dollars in losses. The key to survival through any disaster is to recognize how to meet these threats.

One way a company can head off these threats is to create a business continuity policy. Does your company have this kind of policy prepared? Read further on why you should have one.

What Does Business Continuity Mean?

Business continuity means continuing your company’s operations despite a major disruption. A “major disruption” includes human errors, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters. A business continuity policy (BCP) will help your company avoid employee injuries and continue to deliver your services.

What is Included in a BCP?

A BCP will outline the roles and responsibilities each company employee should follow during an emergency. A BCP will have specific instructions on how and when employees should launch the emergency protocols. These policies will also have sections that that outline procedures for employees to follow like telecommuting or travel restrictions.

A BCP can also identify which services and products your company should prioritize for recovery. Another helpful section of the BCP includes the arrangements you’ll need to operate at a minimum service level.

Benefits of a BCP

No one ever expects to encounter the need to put their business continuity or disaster recovery policy into motion. That’s why a BCP can be your own self-insurance policy to guarantee your company’s success. A BCP has the following benefits:

Keeps Employees Calm

When your company’s systems are compromised or shut down, this creates a stressful situation for your staff. BCP’s come with a training component so that your team will know how to avoid injuries. This knowledge will reduce their stress levels and improve their job satisfaction.

Consistent Employee Reactions

Hand in hand with keeping employees calm, a BCP will also ensure that your employees are all working in concert during disaster recovery efforts. You won’t have your team trying a multitude of different solutions to fix the same disaster you’re all experiencing. Your company will have a consistent and uniform response to keep operations running as smooth as possible.

Continued Customer Service

An effective BCP can help you keep your company’s operations running until the emergency is over. You and your staff will be able to continue serving your client’s inspite of the disaster. A BCP can help keep your customers loyal and minimize their dissatisfaction.

Next Steps

Ready to launch your own business continuity policy? The good news is that you can start today.

Check out this site for business continuity policy sample templates that can help organize your thoughts while you create your disaster recovery plan. If you already have one, we can help you evaluate your existing BCP in five easy steps. Let us help you secure the company you’ve worked so hard to build!


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