Pit Installed Gym Floor

Unlimited Restoration was called in to handle specialized drying of a “pit installed” gym floor that had been affected by a flood. The gym was inside of an historic building that had been remodeled to include glass block walls built over the floor. In addition, many layers of gym coat finish on the flooring “sealed” the water below and prohibited drying from the top down. Expansion of the flooring was nearing the point of irreversible compression set damage that would have rendered the floor and renovations a total loss.

The client requested a “not to exceed” estimate combined with a guarantee that there would be no mold growth after the floor was dry.

The result of the project was that Unlimited Restoration technicians were able to salvage 95 % of the historic flooring materials by immediately relieving the pressure of expansion by removing 2 boards down the center of the gym floor and introducing high pressure warm dry air to dry the flooring system. This saved the cost of removing or replacing the floor and all of the glass block walls that were built over the flooring system. URI also provided a detailed record of drying logs to document the return of the structure to dry standard moisture readings preventing subsequent mold growth.

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