A Guide to Flood Damage Restoration: How to Keep Your Business Afloat When Dealing With Flood Damage

Flood damage is one of the most detrimental things that can happen to your business, but as the old cliché says, “the show must go on”.

You can’t put your business on pause while you deal with flood damage restoration, and whether it’s fair or not, you’ll have to organize both simultaneously.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with the flood damage, so that you can hopefully quicken the process of getting back to normal!

How to Handle Flood Damage Restoration for Your Business

It’s time to roll up those dress shirt sleeves and embrace the adversity ahead of you, here are some tips on flood damage restoration!

Assess the Situation

Before you call a restoration company, it’s important to determine the type of water damage that you’re dealing with.

There are a few different types of water damage, each one of them being their own separate animal to try and restore.

Categorizing your water damage in either clean water, gray water, or black water damage can help restoration companies get a firm understanding of the battle that they’re walking into and the service they can provide to resolve it.

Also use this time to assess what damaged items can be salvaged, and what needs to be tossed.

Check the Drainage Systems

After assessing the situation for WHAT happened, you’ll want to take a deeper dive into HOW it happened.

Typically, a clogged pipe or drainage system is causing the flooding in your office or home. Take a general scan around the pipes and drains that you’re aware of and see if you can’t find the clogged area.

Once you find it, try your best to remove the items blocking the drain, but don’t force anything if unsuccessful the first few times. It’s better to call an expert that do further damage to your drainage system.

Once the water starts to drain, open any windows or doors to allow open air in the office that will help the area dry quicker.

Temporarily Move All Furniture from the Office

if the flood damage is minimal, you might try to forgo exhausting effort in removing items from the office for the time being.

Your office needs to be completely dry for the restoration process to start. Leaving furniture and other items that attract moisture could prolong that process.

This can also prevent your furniture and belongings from molding. That’ll cause you even more money to replace those damaged items that the flood insurance company may not deem as necessary items to cover the loss of.

Call URI for Your Restoration Needs

Once you’ve taken a few precautions or steps towards draining the remaining water, it’s time to call in a trustworthy flood damage restoration company.

At Unlimited Restoration Incorporated, we specialize in helping you along the entire restoration process from water extraction to entire reconstruction. Our entire leadership group has years of experience in restoring businesses like yours.

For more inquiries on our services, please call 888-753-7587.


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