Recovering from Natural Disaster: A How-To Checklist for Businesses

The damage caused by a natural disaster can be irreparable for many. However, for small businesses, it can destroy more than buildings. Without the right measures in place, businesses may never recover.

This can mean that people lose their livelihoods and their futures. If you’re in an area that’s likely to suffer from natural disasters, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. Here are some tips on recovering from a natural disaster.

Have a Disaster Plan

It’s impossible to predict when a natural disaster will occur, so it’s always wise for small businesses to have a disaster plan in place. It’s normal for people to panic or wonder what to do in the event of a disaster but a that’s what a plan is for.

Your disaster plan should include policies and procedures to follow in the event of a natural disaster. Your first priority will be to keep yourself and your employees safe during the disaster. Once you’ve had the all-clear, you’ll need a plan on how to clean up and start again.

Have a Back-up Location

It’s highly possible that your regular location won’t be fit for trade for a significant time after a natural disaster. However, you’ll need to start trading again as soon as possible to keep money coming into the business.

You’ll need to consider using a back-up location while repairs are being made. Back up locations may include office spaces on short-term leases.

Provide Employees With Support

After a natural disaster, you can provide your employees with short-term and long-term support. In the short-term, your employees may need medical assistance after the disaster.

In the long-term, your employees may need counseling. A natural disaster can be a traumatic event and many people take a long time to get over it. The more support you give to your employees for recovering from natural disasters, the better their work will be.

Work Together

People come together after a natural disaster and as a business, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work with the rest of the community. Whether you partner with other businesses to achieve a common goal or offer assistance to the community, it’s all good for business.

Beauty is often seen at the ugliest of times. Rebuilding takes an entire community but your help will not be forgotten.

Document Everything

It’s important to document everything after any kind of damage to a business. Before doing anything, take pictures and notes of all the damage caused. If your business is insured, you’ll evidence of the damage to make any claims.

Recovering from a Natural Disaster: Take Your Time

Recovering from a natural disaster won’t happen overnight. Your business will take time to rebuild, so it’s important to be patient and do it right. Trying to rush into things your business isn’t ready for will only cause you to start again. Take a look at how to plan for a disaster, should the worst ever happen.


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