Keep Your Clients and Family Safe: Dealing with Commercial and Home Water Damage

Water damage is a disaster for your home and business. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. Additionally, your family could be displaced or exposed to dangers in an unsafe home. How can you protect them all by identifying the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters? Having a plan in place (and keeping it up to date) safeguards your employees and family and lessens the financial impact of a disaster so that you can get back to business or back into your home quickly.  

Best Option=Pre-plan for a Disaster

Developing a well thought-out response to a potential disaster is the best option.  Disaster planning and training can help companies who just want an expert review at various levels of your organization. Then properly educate and train your personnel to be sure that your plan will be implemented instantly and effectively.

Some specialized full-service disaster recovery companies even offer preemptive disaster response programs to gather facility-specific information that will help responders in the event of a catastrophe.

The Unlimited Restoration’s “We’re On It!” Program

Immediate response to a catastrophic event is critical in determining whether or not your business survives. The statistics clearly show that the first 24 to 48 hours after an event occurs is critical to full recovery. URI offers a “We’re On It! “ disaster response program to provide a planning and response roadmap for both the business and URI emergency response personnel.   

Unlimited Restoration’s “We’re On It!” Program includes:

  • Expert review of, or assistance developing your disaster recovery plan
  • Individual building site inspection and evaluation
  • Online storage of individual site plans for use during disaster response
  • 24/7 Emergency Response via a Toll-Free Emergency Hotline
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority response over non-We’re On It Clients
  • Pre-established pricing and contract for fastest mitigation response

Second Best Option= Use an Expert Team After a Disaster Strikes

The efficient response is the key factor when a home or business is affected by water.  Depending upon the source, the water may contain chemical, biological and/or physical contamination. The longer standing water remains in place, the higher the potential level of damage to the property and cost of restoration.  

Highly trained teams have specialized experience in structural drying and dehumidification; it is both a science and an art. The science of the variables includes the category of water and type of construction. Various drying strategies require an understanding of the science behind the evaporation process – not just an understanding of the tools.

The art is based on combining the science with the particular situation at hand.  True technicians are mold experts who manage moisture conditions to virtually eliminate the possibility for mold growth after the completion of a drying project.

Many times, items that appear to be damaged beyond repair are salvageable though advanced cleaning techniques. Specialized knowledge, skill, and processes can often sanitize and salvage precious personal keepsakes, irreplaceable documents, valuable manufacturing machinery or electronics.

Home Water Damage

It doesn’t matter whether it is a large or small event; to the homeowner, it’s a huge inconvenience and disruption. If a disaster hits your home, use a full-service restoration team with the capabilities and expertise to get you back in the home. Those having wide-ranging experience provide a significant benefit to the homeowner who suffers water damage.

When hiring a restoration team for your home consider:

  • Ongoing business relationships with major insurance carriers and claims adjusters
  • High-quality workmanship at a reasonable price.
  • Open lines of communication and clear processes
  • A dedicated project manager as primary contact throughout the restoration process.

Preventing Water Damage in Greater Philadelphia

Unlimited Restoration Reconstruction Division (Recon) is a team of dedicated professionals with extensive construction experience ready to guide you through and oversee every aspect of reconstruction following disaster recovery and remediation. Unlimited Restoration in Philadelphia can help you with your water damage restoration and disaster restoration needs. This location provides water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, water extraction, basement flooding cleanup and general restoration services at 888.327.9664. Or visit to learn more about preventing and recovering from water damage.


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