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Is your business prepared for the next major storm? Hurricanes, tropical cyclones and the occasional nor’easter are part of doing business in Wilmington, DE. On top of these natural disasters, common threats such as fires, heavy rainfall, broken water mains, mold outbreaks and other hazards all pose risks to properties. If you have a business or commercial property anywhere in the tri-state area, the question isn’t if the next disaster will strike — but when.

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Disaster Services in the Wilmington Area

At URI, we use over 20 years of experience in the industry to develop custom disaster plans and provide professional recovery services. We work to minimize business disruptions and reduce commercial property losses incurred from natural and accidental disasters through tailored, efficient and cost-effective solutions. For emergencies of any size, we use a multi-step approach to contain your incident site, remove debris and hazardous materials, create a safe environment and restore your property to a business-ready state.

Emergency Weatherproofing Services

Storms, fires and other disasters can expose your property to the elements, which can lead to additional damage from the weather, wildlife and intruders. Our emergency weatherproofing services seal your property until professional restoration efforts begin. We can identify the most substantial gaps and will include access points as requested for repairs, renovations and business continuity.

Water Damage Restoration

On top of disastrous storms, the tri-state area can experience heavy annual rainfall. In these old cities, plumbing, drainage and flooding issues can impact local businesses and other commercial properties. Water damage will quickly consume structural materials and valuable items. You need to act fast and invest in water damage restoration in Wilmington, DE, to help preserve your remaining property, salvage any recoverable items and prevent health risks.

Mold Remediation

In Delaware, you must keep your structure free from mold outbreaks, or you could be held liable in court. Mold is hazardous to human health, destructive to property and will take hold anywhere you have standing water, excessive moisture or high humidity levels. If you have mold, you need professional mold remediation in Wilmington, Delaware, to contain the spores, remove the affected property, sterilize the area and clean your HVAC system before beginning restoration efforts.

Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Fires can happen anywhere, and the flames, smoke and soot can cause widespread damage. Our commercial fire restoration services will bring your property back to like-new condition. We arrive fast to provide cleanup, complete smoke removal, soot cleaning and general construction services to rebuild the damage caused by fires of any size.

Restoration for the Tri-State Area

URI is your partner for disaster planning and preparation services in the tri-state area. Our experts will come to your location anywhere in Philadelphia, Wilmington and New Jersey to complete a professional walkthrough and identify all the essential features necessary for creating your custom disaster plan. We establish evacuation routes and designate roles for employees, and we develop maps, procedures and equipment lists for our teams to use for a faster and more effective response.

Don’t Wait for a Disaster to Disable Your Business

For emergency service anywhere in the tri-state area, please call 888.753.7587. Disasters can disable a business for good. When the next disaster hits, respond with a custom disaster plan from URI. To create yours, send us a message online.