Business Disaster Planning & Training

Disaster response executed within 48 hours of any catastrophic event is critical to help ensure your recovery, prevent further damage, preserve your assets and begin reconstruction. FEMA estimates up to 90% of small businesses will fail within one year if they take longer than five days to resume operations after a disaster. A projected 40% to 60% of all small businesses will never reopen their doors again at all. Larger companies and corporations fare slightly better, achieving an approximate open rate of 75% — but only if they act fast.

If a natural disaster or emergency hits your property, you will have a lot of challenges to face in a short amount of time. The more you can do to prepare before disaster strikes, the better your chances are for mitigating your losses and reopening for business. At Unlimited Restoration, we offer comprehensive disaster planning at no cost to help you understand exactly what to do, who to call and the steps you can take to help you speed your recovery after disasters such as fire, flooding or a damaging storm.

Why Is Disaster Planning Important?

Disaster planning is one of the easiest ways you can prepare for an emergency and can significantly improve your chances of a successful recovery. A business disaster plan is a necessity for businesses of any size and can be the tool that means the difference between weathering the storm or closing down for good. A disaster plan is something you can test and improve upon so that when the time comes, you have a proven strategy to minimize the impact on your revenue and business operations.

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What Are the Benefits of Disaster Preparedness?

Both natural and human-made disasters can cause an immense amount of damage to your property and lead to challenges you may otherwise have not anticipated, including asbestos removal, mold remediation and more. When you have a dedicated business disaster plan, you gain the ability to act out different scenarios and test them for strength, brainstorming improvements where necessary.

Our business and corporate disaster planning services deliver a wide range of benefits that business owners, property managers and insurance professionals can all take advantage of, including:

  • Business continuity: After a disaster, it is a race to reopen and ensure you reduce losses, recuperate your revenue and reestablish your market presence.
  • Asset prioritization: When creating an emergency preparedness checklist, you will identify the most vital assets to prioritize for recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Reduced premiums: Corporate disaster planning reduces risk and demonstrates preparedness, both of which may contribute to reduced insurance premiums.
  • Faster response: When you have a disaster plan, you know the steps you need to take, and your provider has a deliberate strategy for reducing loss and maximizing recovery.

What Does Disaster Planning Entail?

Our business disaster planning and training services provide a thorough safety net of solutions you can act on in case of disaster. At URI, we take your success personally. We travel to your location to assess your property and collaborate with you to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for virtually any disaster scenario. A personal disaster preparedness plan for businesses includes:

  • Initial walk-through: Our first step is to perform a detailed walk-through of your facility. URI corporate disaster planning experts map all the stairways, exits, elevators, electrical access points, water shut-off valves and other useful locations on your property. On-site assessments enable us to expedite our response in case of a disaster.
  • Strategy development: We create multi-level strategies designed to contain the damage, prevent any safety incidents, recover your salvageable contents and complete your rebuild. With a plan, our teams have clear instructions on how to respond to disasters at your location and will know the items you most want to be recovered.
  • Mitigation and prevention: When you develop a business disaster plan with URI, we provide an emergency preparedness checklist that you can use to prepare, along with tips for reducing potential claims. Solutions to mitigate risk can include making digital backups of physical records, installing a generator and updating insurance coverage.

URI Ensures Emergency Preparedness

With business disaster planning and training from Unlimited Restoration, you get the support of a leading disaster recovery and restoration provider with over 20 years of experience. We take every action to limit interruption to your business and reduce your insurance claims, and we move fast from start to finish until we deliver your final paperwork.

Developing a Priority Response Emergency Plan (PREP) with URI is a free service. As a PREP client, you receive priority in emergencies and gain access to a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline for fast assistance. To create your plan or to get more information, please call 888.753.7587 or reach out to us online today.

“Our business interruption was kept to a minimum, which we really appreciate. In the years that I have done business with your company, I have had nothing but great results.”

Stan PawloskiGeneral Manager, CSK Management, Inc.

“Your response time was excellent and the way you worked with our team can be described as second to none. A fire is a traumatic experience to anyone and to have your company as a support in helping us recover was very comforting and helpful.”

Duane BergeyVice President – Tire Operations, Bergey, Inc.

“From first contact until completion of the work, I was impressed with professionalism and experience. I will definitely use them again when I have further need of restoration services.”

Penny M. MinichGeneral Manager, Baypoint Commerce Center